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Hospital leaders: To transform care, simplify your team's priorities

May 26th, 2016

by Scott Kashman

How would you simplify your organization's priorities?

These priorities go beyond your patients--they need to resonate with your whole team. Your patients and families will be the benefactors.

A couple of years ago, our hospital started to rally around three operational priorities. Even our definitions had to be simplified so all employees, physicians and volunteers could understand their part. After some back and forth with my colleagues, Wendy Piascik, Dr. Michael Schultz and Roger Chen, we decided on the following:

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'Houses' help hospital departments tell their stories

March 31st, 2016

by Scott Kashman

Have you ever invited people over to our home? Of course you have. Your home tells a lot about you and those under your roof. It reflects your culture, passions and values. It showcases what you want others to know about you--sometimes direct and often, very subtle. It is a place where you want to be and certainly where you want others to feel welcome--unless you really are not one to invite people over!

Over the next several months, all of our hospital’s departments will create their "story house" showcasing the following:

  • Alignment with our health system strategy and goals
  • Alignment with the hospital's operational priorities: safety, flow and experience
  • Integration of our optimal healing environment framework into each health system strategy, goals and operational priorities--this has been a way to really deepen people's purpose and remember their "why" they went into the healthcare field
  • Utilization of Lean as our management system
  • Implementation of the department's 90 day priorities--this is a much more engaging way beyond a 90 day plan that sits on the shelf.

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For one hospital’s integration effort, the third time is the charm

January 28th, 2016

by Scott Kashman

Sometimes your best successes will come from learning from the times you do not succeed.

Several years back, I was fortunate to lead a team toward a fully subscribed joint venture. It was a very well-received and successful joint venture including a surgery center, pain management center and endoscopy center.

When asked how we were able to pull together such a strong venture, I replied, "it was easy after we failed the first two times."

The first time we tried, there were not too many joint ventures, yet our health system knew it was a better long-term care model to collaborate with our local physicians. When we approached the physicians, they were reluctant and decided not to participate because there was little known about joint ventures. Even after sharing what was starting to take place around the nation, they declined. We agreed to consider reviewing the possibility in the future.

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'Imagine' the possibilities when healthcare, community leaders pursue a common goal

November 19th, 2015

by Scott Kashman

Last week we had our ribbon-cutting for our Pathway to Discovery. It represents a tangible display of our optimal healing environment. I had a chance to reflect back--and I'm sure many thought it was a crazy idea to create this pathway across our campus, even though it reflects the values of healthcare today:

  • Focus on clinical care and coordination
  • Focus on health, wellness and well-being
  • Focus on community engagement

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It takes a village to tackle hospital ER overcrowding

October 8th, 2015

by Scott Kashman

Around the country there is often discussion about emergency room (ER) overcrowding. Realistically, not all ERs really get overcrowded. Down in Southwest Florida, however, they do.

Last season (known as late fall/winter), the area experienced a surge in population--and we experienced an even larger surge of patients coming into our ERs and hospitals.

This coming season, we are trying a different approach that we can build on through the season and throughout the year. This requires our health system and key community partners to provide a more coordinated approach to delivering healthcare in our community.

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