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First Hospital CEO Blog Ever

November 10th, 2005

"I write, they comment, we connect. That is what it is all about." - Nick, the first hospital CEO blogger in the blogosphere.


Well, the day has finally come - the first hospital CEO has hit the blogosphere. Actually, he's been blogging since May, but I just didn't find him until now.

Nicholas Jacobs, FACHE, is President and CEO of Windber Research Institute and Windber Medical Center. His blog, informally titled Nick's Blog, covers a range of issues and honestly addresses various audiences - including employees, the community, and the board. His blog was also reviewed & profiled by the mega-popular Diva Marketing blog, who gave him two thumbs up. Her profile is a definite read, as they interview Nick on his thoughts on blogging. Turns out the idea for him to start blogging came from an 80-year-old friend.

UPDATE: Also check out the WSJ CareerJournal article that tracks Nick's career from high school music teacher to hospital CEO.


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