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Empower employees to bend the rules

February 25th, 2013

by Brandon Betancourt

The calendar alarm on my phone sounded, reminding me of my doctor's appointment for the next day. I realized at that time I wouldn't be able to make it and needed to call and reschedule. The first thing the woman on the line said was that I would incur a charge because I was calling within the 24-hour period.

"Are you that strict with the time? I'm giving you 22.5 hours notice," I said. "C'mon, it's only been a little over an hour, and I am calling to reschedule. It's not like I 'no-showed.'"

As a practice administrator myself, I understand that rules are important. Rules ensure that people remain on the same path; rules help practices provide consistent service, ensure safety, set boundaries and prevent chaos.

But how do we set explicit regulations that govern employees' conduct to keep the office running in order, yet are flexible enough to accommodate a patient's needs?

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