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Why hospital social media is a full-time job

August 2nd, 2011

With technology changing every day, it can be hard to keep up with best practices in the social media sphere. One thing's for sure, though; patients are looking online to find out and talk about hospitals. In fact, more than half of patients (57 percent) would pick a hospital based on its social media presence. Even more consumers (81 percent) see hospitals visible in social media as more cutting edge, according to market research firm YouGov Healthcare.

You might be surprised to hear that healthcare organizations aren't that much different than the hospitality industry. FierceHealthcare caught up with YouGov Healthcare Managing Director Jane Donohue (pictured) who gave the low-down on social media use at hospitals today, including tips on monitoring and patient privacy concerns. Hear why social media shouldn't only be the PR mouthpiece and why it's a full-time job. Read the full interview...


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