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Wanted: More Male Nurses

August 15th, 2005

Well, not really?


Remember Ben Stiller in the movie "Meet the Parents?" Oh man, the jeers, looks, and lines his character got for being a male nurse.

Turns out in real life, too, it has been somewhat difficult for male nurses. Check out Male Nurse Magazine, an on-line publication exclusively for current or prospective male nurses. Check out some of their honest discussions on:
- how they deal with discrimination
- what male nurses can do that female nurses can't (yup, more stereotypes here)
- how to deal with a nursing professor who gives single moms a break, but not this single dad
- whether male nurses should wear panties and other male nurse uniform protocol (I'm not kidding!)

Nonetheless, there has been some success stories, too. Male nurses now make up 6-7% of the nursing population (up from 3% in the 1980's).

Steel-worker-turned-RN Jim Townsend enjoys the job security, good pay, and making a difference.


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