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Hospital Impact Weekly News Scoop 12.09.2005

December 9th, 2005


EHR Emergency?
A Study in the journal Pediatrics showed that after the implementation of a CPOE system, mortality rates for children transported into specialized care almost doubled. Also, the ER at Navapache Regional Medical Center reported that they abandoned their EHR system and cited dissatisfaction with the system.

Before we sound the siren and abandon EHR altogether, let's slow down. These two early data points give us some insights into the two big (and very well-known) challenges in implementing any system: (1) potential short-term drop in quality; and (2) lack of buy-in from physicians. Especially read the comments section in this abandoned EHR article - someone from the hospital actually disputes the reporters story. The "failed implementation" was caused by "a few difficult doctors," not necessarily the system itself. We don't just need IT experts, we need change management experts.

Not surprisingly, Cerner came out with some good news & good results for its CPOE system from The Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Bank?
Following up on the BCBS Visa Card I posted on 2 weeks ago, this week BCBS announced the formation of its own bank that will handle health savings accounts and other financial tools.

And while we are on the topic of Consumer-driven healthcare...

"During Your Hospital Stay...?"
As I posted yesterday, the HCAHPS questionairre is out. Ready or not, slowly but surely, the world will begin to know how patients felt about your hospital's service. Coincidentally (or not), Press Ganey just released the results of a massive study: Hospitals that provide excellent customer service also achieve excellence in clinical quality.

And speaking of patient satisfaction...

Lower Satisfaction with Consumer-Driven plans Or at least, that's what the 1,000+ respondent survey results showed, according to the Commonwealth Fund. Not surprisingly, the survey also uncovered a common criticism of CDHP - a doubling of missed or delayed healthcare.

Weird Police Station/Hospital Linkages
We've all heard of racial profiling, but what about patient profiling (or more accurately "efficiency profiling")? It's kinda unfair to put these into the same light, or is it?
we've all heard of undercover cops, but what about undercover patients (who are really consultants)?


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