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Many stepping up to reach uninsured

November 21st, 2005


Yes, the uninsured problem is still a huge and growing problem, but it's good to see individuals step up and contribute in whatever way they can. This Sunday School room at Grace Lutheran Church is now an evening clinic. This clinic in Oregon provided 7,868 patients with 16,321 clinic visits, including medical and mental health services, as well as preventive dental services for preschool and elementary school children. The Fan Free Clinic in VA, partially funded by the United Way, is the 1st free clinic in the state and provided 4,500 patients with ~8,000 visits.

It's also good to see hospitals stepping us as well. Central Kansas Medical Center set up an endowment specifically to help patients who find themselves strapped without necessary funding. A recent golf outing added $55,000 to that endowment. The major hospitals in Des Moines, Iowa also recently announced discounts to the poor and uninsured - this is representative of what many hospitals around the country have been doing, especially the last few months.

While most of the media attention is on the bitter fighting, class-action lawsuits won by patients, the 19 states taking on healthcare into their own hands, let's not minimize the value of a helping hand and a clearly thought-out & well-communicated charity care policy.


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