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Walmart health and its implications for imaging

August 14th, 2014

by Matt Hawkins, M.D.

Walmart opened five primary care offices across the country with plans to add more. These offices are in/near their stores. And, the supply-chain-rich, nationally-networked behemoth has decided to roll out this initiative by targeting underserved populations. (Do you think the increasing number of Medicaid-covered patients influenced their decision?)

I don't need to spell out the implications of Walmart's entry into healthcare for this crowd. The days of patient's visiting a private doctor's office for basic primary care needs may, in fact, be numbered. While primary care docs will stridently argue that the care they provide is superior to that received/delivered at the local super-center, their sentiments fail to answer the more important question. Rather than asking which care is best, instead we must ask, "Is the care that Walmart provides good enough?" And if it is, then they will win, and win big.

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