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Yet 5 healthcare iPad apps that could arrive before Christmas

December 16th, 2013

by Ron Shinkman, FierceHealthFinance

I don't own an iPad, so I rarely poke around the Apple app store to see what is new and exciting. The only exception is the last few weeks of the year, when I seek out the healthcare-related apps I would like to see arrive before the big holidays. The absolutely essential apps listed below have yet to show up, but with seven more shopping days before Christmas, you never know:

1. iCharge, Master!

Price: It really depends. But we don't think it's important to begin with.

Details: Tired of those pesky journalists asking for your price lists and wondering why your hospital is charging $250 for that bag of saline? This terrific app provides a convenient reason for your PR staff to justify any price on the chargemaster. My favorite: "Those bags contain imported Lebanese sea salt (infused with truffles)." Any other questions, smart-aleck?

To see the full list, read the full commentary at FierceHealthFinance.


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