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Arizona REC 'cuts through the clutter' to aid EHR adoption

September 17th, 2013

Many providers in Arizona use some form of an electronic health record, but the Meaningful Use incentive program is just one of several initiatives vying for their attention, according to Melissa Rutala, CEO of Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHec). Arizona's regional extension center (REC) is officially a part of AzHec.

"It's a challenge just keeping up with the flurry of programs going on these days," Rutala (pictured) told FierceEMR in an exclusive interview. "There's still Meaningful Use but practices also have to prioritize with other programs."

Rutala also talked about some of the obstacles Arizona practices have faced, what new legislation is affecting EHR use, and how her REC will sustain itself after grant funding ends.

Read the full interview at FierceEMR


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