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Investing in your healthcare workers' health

January 1st, 2013

by Scott Kashman

What if I told you I'd guarantee you 5 percent on your investment? How about 10 percent? Would this interest you? So here's the catch ... you are investing in your own health.

I'm working with one of our physicians to explore an interesting concept--improving population health. We are looking to directly share healthcare cost savings with participating employees.

Let me know what you think. These small successes should lead us to real sustainable improvement in our own and our community's health.


Your Health Portfolio: A Collaborative Shared-Risk Model

Pilot Overview:

- Identify and complete population health pilot with thirty eligible participants* (see notes) in an effort to improve health and associated health costs of participants.

- The financial gains would be split among the participants up to 10 percent.

- The remaining gains would be split between the health system and a nutrition-focused educational partner--based on the one-year pilot and associated health plan cost reductions during the same time frame.

- Each eligible health plan participant will pay $50/month with a chance to earn 10 percent on their investment.

- Nutritional education group

  • Provides 18-week education to eligible participants
  • Absorbs total charge of $600/participant
  • Includes food, labs, marketing, education facilitation

- Health system

  • Provides membership to local wellness/fitness centers
  • Provides (2) fitness assessments (pre/post)
  • Includes a designated fitness coach who will provide four exercise programs (quarterly) and check-in coaching each quarter (four hours)
  • Absorbs total cost of $700/participant

- Eligible participants

  • Meets determined criteria set by health system and nutrition education group
  • Pays $50 per pay period or $1,300 for one year which goes into pilot study
  • Gets $600 paid back upon successful completion of 18-week educational program

Financial Model:

- Eligible and selected pilot participants: 30

- Total contribution of partners

  • Education partner: $600 per participant and up to $18,000 total
  • Health system: $700 per participant up to $21,000 total
  • Participant: $1,300 per participant and $39,000 total (paid into health system pilot)


- Education group estimates average improvements of $3,000 per participant based on improving health (e.g, diabetes, obesity, congestive heart failure)

- 30 x $3,000 = $90,000

- 10 percent back to participants up to $130 per participant (above their $1,300 investment); total up to $3,900

- Remaining savings after participant's distribution is split 50/50 between the health system and education group up to $43,050 each

- The model does not account for improvement in productivity and engagement with improved health

* Notes:

  • $600 paid back to participant after completion of 18-week education program
  • Remaining $700 paid to participant after financial gains above $700 are met
  • $700 per participant paid to local wellness/fitness centers to provide services from health system

Are you ready to diversify your health portfolio?

Scott Kashman serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Cape Coral Hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System in southwest Florida.


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