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Obama win reinforces hospital ACO, reform efforts

November 7th, 2012

by Karen M. Cheung, FierceHealthcare

With last night's presidential win, providers can expect the healthcare reform law will stay on course. Their initiatives for the past two years--or those set forth years earlier--weren't in vain.

Although as of press-time there are still some undecided Senate races, the President's re-election bolsters hospital initiatives already set in motion.

James Merlino, chief experience officer at Cleveland Clinic and FierceHealthcare editorial advisory board member, said regardless of whether Obama or Romney had won, its priority was how to provide high-value care.

"It didn't really matter to us who won. We're marching toward healthcare reform and the things needed to really transform healthcare in the United States," Merlino said in an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare.

To learn more, read the full article at FierceHealthcare.


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